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Emotional Release

Get Unstuck

The average person can have anywhere from hundreds to thousands of trapped emotions in their body and biofield. Emotions become trapped when the steps of emotional processing gets interrupted. Trapped emotions range in size- they can be anywhere from the size of your clenched fist to the size of a cantaloupe! These trapped emotions can be responsible for a whole slew of symptoms, inhibiting our ability to heal.

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Body Code

 A step further

The Body Code is a session that goes deeper than the emotional release sessions. We can address root causes, trauma energy, toxins, inherited energies, pathogens and more. It is recommended that emotional release sessions are completed prior to booking Body Code sessions.

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AO Scan

Take a deeper look at root causes and see what frequency healing can do for you

Breakthrough technology enabling us to see what's going on in the body at an energetic level. The AO Scan Mobile technology will create sound therapy tailored to you, give you an in-depth report of what's going on in your body, down to the DNA, and will directly send your body optimizing and balancing frequencies all in one session. Schedule your very first scan at a deep discount for a limited time!

Group Sessions

Group Sessions

Coming soon

Want to try all the things but not sure what's best for you? Or maybe you'd like to include sessions on a more regular basis and a more budget-friendly option sounds appealing. 
Group emotional release sessions will soon be offered on a regular basis so you can get the benefits of a full emotional release session for half the price! 
Groups SEFI frequency broadcasting will also be available soon. Theses will be able to be booked through Practice Better. Watch my Instagram and sign up for my email list to be the first to know!