Trapped emotions can cause misalignments 👀
Bones, organs, discs, glands, fascia, meridians, name it. 
How much could the distorting effect of trapped emotions be influencing our bodies?

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Our physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual state all influence each other. Unfortunately in root cause healing, emotional trauma is often times overlooked while being a huge culprit of holding us back.

Trapped emotions can be causing blockages physically, energetically, financially, relationally, emotionally… you get the point. 

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How crazy is that?! 

Symptoms can look the same whether it’s from a physical organism or the energy of the organism 👀

The way we look at the body is changing. I believe the future of medicine is going to be energy and frequency. 


The average water is only hydrating us an average of 15% of the time. That means 85% of that gallon you slugged is big to penetrate the cell wall, so it’s sloshing around in your belly
Dehydration of just 3% causes: 18% decline in muscular power, 70% increase in perceived fatigue and 12% decrease in reaction time