Learn more about Kangen water

You are made up of 80% water

I believe that the #1 thing every single person should do is get hydrated.

But the average water is only getting into our cells 15-17% of the time! We can address the root cause that's affecting over 75% of Americans by bringing our water back to origin. How can we bring water "back to origin"? 

Thankfully, brilliant Japanese scientists discovered how to recreate "miracle water" like found naturally around the world in places like Lourdes, France and Tlacolte, Mexico. So instead of having to fly across the globe to get a taste of this magnificent water, you can have this medical device in your own home. 

I believe that this is how God intended water to be, or at least as close as we can get. I've done the research for you to find the best of the best. It's so good, I used to not even accept new clients to work with me in person until they at least drank this water for a minimum of 4 weeks. 

We have monthly education classes available to learn more. Interested? Reach out to schedule a discovery call!


Purchase your own AO Scan Mobile Device

Amazed at how much this little device can do? Me too! This technology was previously only available for $38K.... WOWZA. You read that right. And only for practitioners!

If you previously saw me in person (back when I had an office, remember that?) 

You might remember the technology I used to create custom protocols and take a deeper look at root causes. That technology cost me $15K!! I still love that technology, although don't seem to have a use for it now that my AO Scan Mobile device can do MORE than it ever could. (I'm embarrassed to say it's collecting dust) 

Guess what, the same technology that was in that $38K device is now available fro a fraction of the cost, for ANYONE. That's right- not just practitioners, anyone. 

For just a one time payment of $495, and a monthly subscription that can be canceled anytime for $149/month you can have unlimited scans, balancing and optimizing frequencies,Inner Voice playlists, SEFI frequencies, supplement checks, Pet scans, and more in the palm of your hand. It's literally like having a WELLNESS CENTER in your pocket. You probably know by now that my goal is to empower you at home. What better way than top of the line technology? 

If you are ready to order your own, but need help - please don't hesitate to text me at (858) 371-1022 

Or if you are not in the US, email me at kate@alohaholistichealth.com and I will get back to you ASAP


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EMF Harmonization

The Somavedic is an EMF harmonizing device like no other. Designed with a unique stone composition and silver coating, this device will harmonize your home with a radius of 100 feet into all directions. Plugged in, the Somavedic will create a coherent, life-supporting bubble to protect you and your loved ones from harmful frequencies. It mitigates; 3G, 4G, 5G, EMF, Free Radicals, and Geopathic Zones. These devices can sen activate the self-healing process in the body.


CellCore Products

You will need my patient code to create an account

The ultimate supplement line for true drainage and detox. After addressing hydration and finding what root-cause areas in the body may need additional support after AO Scans, CellCore is a great next step to further dive into drainage and detox. The Comprehensive Phases are set up as a step by step protocol that can be tailored to most needs. If you would like support with your protocols, please schedule an "Initial Consult" with me first, and we will muscle test your body for what dosages and plan you need. "Nutrition" appointments are then scheduled as-needed to adjust supplement dosages.


King Coffee

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This hormone regulating, mold-free, delicious coffee made with the Reishi mushroom spores is an incredible addition to your morning routine. Organo has a patented process for cracking open the Reishi spores not found anywhere else. The spores of the mushroom are 80x more powerful than the body of the Reishi mushroom. Why not swap out your morning cup of coffee for something anti-parasitic, hormone regulating, immune modulating, detoxifying and liver-supporting? As a coffee snob myself, I can vouch for how good this coffee is. I have completely replaced all coffee in my life for King Coffee! When you create your account, it's worth it to sign up with a wholesale account, it will get you 33% off all future orders!



My favorite, red-light pad that I use daily and portable infrared saunas. Use Code ALOHA for a discount!

The Thera Tri light panel is by far my favorite red light pad. More comfortable than the large panels you can purchase, and an appealing price point compared to many others on the market. I personally use my red light pad from Therasage every single day. The portable saunas and heating pads are my other recommendations from this site.