Let's face it, our pets are our babies too

Did you know? You can schedule an AO scan for your animal!Dog, horse, cat, you name it. A detailed Vitals scan will be completed and you will receive their reports directly to your email. The best part? They even receive their own sound therapy playlist! How cute is that? 
Pet Emotional Release sessions, Body Code sessions and Supplement checks are all available!

Cat and Dog
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Poli Pet

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CellCore's sister company, Poli Pet has revolutionized taking care of our pets. For 

-Quicker Muscle Recovery

-Improved Drainage and Detox 

-Boosted Immune System 

-Heavy metal detox 

-Improved Digestion 

-Reduced Stress and Anxiety and

-Eliminated Skin Allergies

it's time to try Poli Pet! 

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Not sure what dosages your fur baby needs? You can schedule a supplement check on my booking page. 

Poli Pet Renew will support your pet with heavy metal and mold illness, digestive support, and even provide restorative properties for tissues. 

Poli Pet Boost will help maximize energy production and protect against damage. 

Our pets are exposed to more than we think with the toxic chemicals sprayed in yards, fillers in their food, chemicals in their water and emotional stress they take on just like us.