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About Me

How did I get here?

Strait out of high-school I started school for Massage Therapy at Bellus Academy here in sunny San Diego. I finished my Holistic Health Practitioner requirements in 2013, with the intention to use massage as a stepping stone before continuing my education in some form of Holistic Health, but fell in love with massage therapy. On my 20th birthday I flew to Kauai, Hawaii with no job or apartment for an adventure. I spent time working on the island and still believe that leap of faith (or maybe more like a poorly thought out impulse move) was the best decision of my life. So now you know where the "aloha" comes from, but how did a massage therapist go completely virtual? 

In 2016 a client-turned-friend gave me an opportunity I couldn't pass up.. a room to rent (she didn't know I had been praying for the opportunity to branch off on my own) and her clientele. I started with a couple days a week and worked my way up to a full schedule, ecstatic to have left behind working for someone else. As I had the opportunity to offer my clients more than I could in a spa or medical environment, I began to share my water with them. As time went on, I noticed a change in the clients tissue who were consistently drinking the water, and had machines now for themselves. Having hydrated clients actually made my job WAY easier, especially when it came to deep tissue. So naturally water became a big part of my practice! 

As I consistently continued my education, I learned the importance of the Lymphatic System and it's role in pain. Eventually investing in Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (from the help of that same angel friend), I completely shifted from massage therapy to Lymphatic Enhancement Technician. Progress with clients sky-rocketed and my clientele slowly shifted to being root-cause focused. As I got my clients hydrated, and supported their drainage pathways (the body's natural detox pathways like the lymphatic system), the praise reports and testimonies rolled in like never before. 

This peeked my interest in furthering my education, and I completed my Integrative Health Practitioner training. Leading to more root-cause approach style work with clients and opening up the door to offer scans with bioresonance technology, supplements, parasite cleanses and personalized protocols. 

This year as I was searching for help with my own emotional state and PTSD residual from a car accident, I stumbled across the Emotion Code and Body Code. Of course I signed up for the training and my life has been transformed ever since. I stepped away from in-person work all together, and now provide energy and frequency based, root-cause work. Hydration remains #1 in my practice, as I have seen consistently since working with clients, that water is the most transformative substance on the planet, and every person deserves to be told about the amazing properties of the best water available. When you are truly hydrated, you will respond better to body work, frequency, energy, supplementation and everything in between. 

I believe God has led me every step of this wild journey, and I couldn't be more grateful for where I am today. 

Thank you for reading this far, I can't wait to get to know you and share what I've learned with you. 


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